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Picture Perfect

Title: Picture Perfect
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Season 2
Summary: The picture is grainy; from a low quality security camera.
Disclaimer: Not mine, played with for fun only!


The picture is grainy; from a low quality security camera.

He's not entirely sure why, out of all the pictures available of her he'd picked this particular one.

Maybe in an unconscious attempt to keep her identity as hidden as possible.

After all, double agents aren't supposed to keep pictures on their cell phones unless it is a notification of a target to be taken down and proof to be sent once the mission has been completed.

It's dangerous.

For both of them.

More so for her because she has no idea.

But then, what is life without a little danger?

His thumb traces the small screen in front of him, down over the curves of her body as she sits outside the café sipping at a coffee as she relaxes reading a book on a rare uninterrupted day off from work.

Sunglasses obscure her face and what little is left of her profile is tilted away from him.

He remembers the fire in her eyes; the way she'd searched his face looking for something only she knew as he held her trapped against his body in the morgue.

He cannot remember the last time a woman caught his attention in such a way.

His watch beeps signaling the time. The sound clears away the lingering memories of her face and the smell of her perfume from his mind.

It is time for him to go to work.

His attention turns to the sniper rifle in front of him where he lays flat on the edge of a roof concealed from sight.

His target appears and without a moments hesitation he takes aim and takes the shot.

The Ambassador he'd been tracking falls dead to the ground accompanied a spray of blood; a bullet through his forehead.

His cover as a double agent will remain intact a little longer.


Tags: ari, completed fic, fanfic, kate, ncis, pairing: kate/ari

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