luckylily381 (luckylily381) wrote,

Sorry for the Mass Fic Posting!

To all those on my fic list - I apologise in advance for the mass fic posting which is about to commence! (Depending on how much patience I have!)

Following all the rumours about the purge that's happening on I figure now would be a good time to get off my ass and start transfering my fics across here :)
Tags: ramblings

  • Fic: Enough

    Title: Enough Rating: PG Spoilers: N/A Pairing: Gibbs/OC Summary: She might not be the love of his life, but he is the love of hers and she loves him…

  • Fic: Eastern Punishment

    Title: Eastern Punishment Rating: PG13 Spoilers: Season 2 Summary: "I know him." Kate gasps feeling light headed as she struggles to look…

  • Picture Perfect

    Title: Picture Perfect Rating: PG Spoilers: Season 2 Summary: The picture is grainy; from a low quality security camera. Disclaimer: Not mine, played…

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