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Fic: Eastern Punishment

Title: Eastern Punishment
Rating: PG13
Spoilers: Season 2
Summary: "I know him." Kate gasps feeling light headed as she struggles to look Gibbs straight in the eye. "I know him."
Disclaimer: Not mine, played with for fun only!
Warnings: Unbeta'd - apologies for any errors.

Eastern Punishment

The case doesn't fall under NCIS jurisdiction.

It doesn't involve navy personnel or any of their family members.

Instead it's the calling card left at the scene of the crime, written in blood and smeared across the wall that has the local leo's calling them in.


Kate is the last on the scene, lugging boxes of equipment due to her own stupidity for making a bet with Tony and then losing while McGee has the week off.

Putting down her heavy load she pulls out the camera ready to start documenting the crime scene.

Before she can start though, the camera slips from nerveless fingers, clattering to the floor noisily as it bounces on the concrete.

Gibbs turns to her with a sharp glare that she doesn't see, his expression softening as it turns from annoyance to concern as his eyes take in the pale complexion of her face and the horror shining from her eyes.

"Kate?" He says trying to catch her attention. "Kate!" He repeats, physically inserting himself into her line of sight between herself and the murder victim.

More than one law enforcement officer is looking at them with interest.

"No luck on getting the ID yet Boss." Tony chirps as he returns back inside the warehouse returning his cell phone to his pocket. His attention is then transferred to the little notebook in his hands as he flicks through the pages. "Seems like a professional job to me."

"Not now DiNozzo." Gibbs snapped catching hold of Kate as she swayed on her feet at Tony's words.

"I think I'm going to be sick." She said thickly having difficulty recognizing her own voice.

"Come on Katie!" Tony jokes trying to lighten the mood. "You've seen worse things than this."

"I know him." Kate gasps feeling light headed as she struggles to look Gibbs straight in the eye. "I know him."

The air around her feels stuffy and she can't breathe. Black dots swarm in front of her eyes and she's only vaguely conscious of Gibbs grasping her arms tightly as he guides her outside and forces her to sit down on the hood of a cop car.

He firmly guides her head down between her knees and Kate greedily gulps in air, clutching at Gibbs' hand while Tony hovers anxiously behind him.

"Kate?" Gibbs asks again when a few minutes have past and she no longer feels in danger of fainting.

"He was one of the men that kidnapped me. B-Bassam."

Gibbs throws a speaking glance over his shoulder to Tony who in turn shrugs his shoulders; a silent exchange of words passing between them.

"Any idea of why he was killed in such a way? Who would have wanted him dead?" He asks Kate.

Trembling Kate pictures the scene in her head; the severed hands lying in a pool of blood next to their owner. Her mind flickers to his face; the trail of blood dripping down his chin from a deep cut carved into his lip.

She remembers the sting of her own split lip she'd received only days ago. The force of Bassam's hand as he struck her face in the mini cooper while she'd sat trapped with a gun to her head.

Swallowing harshly Kate picture's the anger flickering in Ari's eyes as he'd caught sight of the damage one of his team members had done to her face, and that brings to mind the care he'd taken of her afterwards.

Bile rises in the back of her throat.

"Ari." She wants to say. "Ari." But she can't force his name past her lips.

Her tongue is heavy as she attempts to speak, and she fervently hopes that Gibbs, now more than ever, will read between the lines of what she's trying to say so she doesn't have to explain anymore. "He hit me. And he's been punished for it."

Tags: ari, completed fic, fanfic, kate, ncis, oneshot, pairing: kate/ari

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